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Common beliefs about batteries explained in a simple way

May 26, 2016

To design Pawa, we've focused on a problem that concerns more of 80% of the smartphone owners : the decrease of the autonomy.
Doing that, we've learned many things about the lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries that are used in our phones and tablets.

Here are the common beliefs, true or not, and some explainations to help you to understand.

We must completely discharge the battery before charging it


The "memory effect" doesn't exist anymore. On the former Nickel based batteries (Ni-Cd and NiMH), not completely discharging the battery could damage it prematurely.

Concerning the Lithium-ion batteries, it's the opposite. Totally discharging your battery isn't a good idea. A discharge of more than 95% leads to a chimical degradation of the battery. If your phone turns off due to a lack of battery, do not try to turn it on.

We must completely charge the battery each time, the more often we charge it the more it gets damaged


Just like the discharges, it's the opposite. You should prefer short charging cycles.
We are always talking about recharging "cycles", and we mistakenly imagine that a cycle represents a charge from 0 to 100%. A cycle represents 100 times a 1% charge.
Recharging twice our battery from 20% to 70% represents a charging cycle (2*50% = 100%), and so does charging 5 times from 30% to 50% (5*20% = 100%).

The "fast" chargers don't damage the batteries more than a "regular" charger


You can use fast chargers (often called Quick Charge) which allow you to get 60% of your battery in record time.
But it has a cost. The lithium-ion batteries don't like being stressed and the quick charges end in damaging them prematurely.
You must prefer a slow charge as often as possible.
Moreover, the quick charge can also sensibly increase the temperature of the battery, and heat is one of the main ennemies of your battery.

I don't care about my battery. I change my phone within 2 years. I'll buy another battery on the internet


Your battery can be progressively deteriorated if you don't take care of it. You could regret it, even after a year.
Replacing an iPhone battery will cost $79.

You think you have found the "same" battery for your Android device for $20 on Ebay or Amazon? Wrong. In the best case, you would get a poor quality battery, in the worst case, a defective or dangerous battery.

Your battery is the most important part of your device. You have to preserve it !

I must only use the charger provided with my device

True and false

The chargers provided by the manufacturers when you buy your device are globally of good quality. Actually, you should not use the bottom-of-the-range chargers you could have bought for $10 on your favorite website.
The universal chargers of good quality provide stable charges, regulated by your phone or tablet and are compatible with your device whatever its brand is.
But they are not necessarily the best chargers, as they don't completely optimise the charge.

It's better to charge my phone at 100% as soon as possible


Your battery comfort zone is generally between 20% and 80%. If possible, you should only charge your phone beyond 80% in exceptional situations (for example if you plan a long day without possibility to charge it).
This simple action could double your battery lifespan.
You can read more about that in this article by batteryuniversity.

I can charge overnight without any risk

True and false

Now you should be able to answer this question by yourself.
It's true, if you don't buy an imitation battery, your phone won't catch fire during the night. Nevertheless, your device will charge from 0 to 100% in one hour or two. Then the charge will slowly go on during the night so you can find your phone full charged in the morning.

This use leads to two problems :

What about Pawa ?

After having extensively studied the batteries behaviour, here is what we can conclude : each of us is the first responsible for our phone or tablet decrease of autonomy.
And we are not the only ones to say that.
The advices we've given you above are also given by Tesla to the Model S and Model X owners.
They can limit the charging of their car to 80% of the full capacity for a daily use, which increases the battery lifespan.

Pawa is a connected charger for smartphones and tablets. It's run by an application and can adjust the charge according to your needs. That's why it can significantly increase your battery lifespan.

Pre-order Pawa now !

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