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Do not charge your device overnight anymore !

Easy to say but is it really possible ?

March 28, 2016

According to the Ademe (Agency for Environment and Energy), it is not recommended to charge our devices (phone and/or tablet) overnight.
According to the phone manufacturers, we should unplug our devices when the charge is over.

These two advices are however difficult to follow.

Although it has become a reflex, why should not we charge our phone overnight ?

The battery is the most important element of your device. Everybody has already noticed his battery lifespan is decreasing a little more day after day.

However, we all do it

Despite the recommendations, most of us charge our phone overnight. There is a good reason to that, this is the easiest solution  :

Pawa is the solution !

Pawa has been designed to meet these needs : charging the phones and tablets in a smarter way, whatever their use. Thereby, Pawa takes care of your battery and increases its lifespan.

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