Don’t let your phone's battery life get too low again

Pawa is a smart charger that optimizes the charging
of your battery in order to preserve it.

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Pawa helps to preserve the battery life of your smartphone.

Thanks to its smart charge algorithm, Pawa will preserve your battery from the wear and tear associated with charging it over and over again.

The free app will enable you to configure Pawa and adapt it to your way of life.

All you have to do is plug in your phone. Pawa will take care of the rest.

Pawa on Mac




Its smart charging algorithm adapts charging power depending on the situation, so as to protect all your batteries.


Multi devices

A single charger for charging all your phones and tablets.


Android & iOS

Its free application can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play.



Pawa was designed to last. That's why we chose high-quality components and materials.



By increasing the lifetime of your devices, Pawa counters their built-in obsolescence, thus benefiting the environment.



You will get the benefit of brand new features, thanks to free updates to the app, without having to buy a new charger.

Auto power off

Once it is charged to more than 80%, a battery starts to deteriorate and the battery life is reduced
Pawa will automatically stop charging the device when your battery is 80% charged. To preserve your battery, charge your phone to more than 80% only if you really need to.

80% charge


Below 20%, a battery starts to deteriorate, and the battery life is reduced
Pawa sends you a notification reminding you to charge your device when the threshold of 20% has been reached.

20% charge

Smart charging

Are you one of the many people who charge their phone overnight?
Pawa makes optimum use of the time when you're asleep to provide a low-voltage charge. Charging a battery slowly is better for its overall lifetime and helps to preserve battery life.

Smart charge


When will Pawa be released ?

The release date is not yet known. For the time being, we are planning a release date at some point in 2017. Pre-sales will be open during our Kickstarter campaign, however, and this will take place around the spring of 2017.

How much will it cost ?

The estimated sale price is 40€ (~$43) but is subject to change, depending on the technical constraints and the number of units to be produced.

Which connection methods will be offered?

Pawa will be compatible with recent phones using the Android and iOS operating systems. Consequently, the connections available will be USB-C, micro USB-B and Lightning.

Is there an app? How much does it cost?

In order to enjoy all the features offered by Pawa that are necessary to preserve battery life, you’ll need to have the app. Fortunately, it will be available as a free download. Once it’s installed, you’ll be able to update it regularly and thus enjoy all the new features without having to buy the cable. Without the app, Pawa will be nothing more than a cable that enables you to charge your phone, but it would then do nothing more than your current charger.

Do you have to turn on Bluetooth?

You need to turn on Bluetooth in order to be able to enjoy all the features offered by Pawa. Without Bluetooth, Pawa is nothing more than a cable like any other. We use a Bluetooth Low Energy chip which consumes very little energy while it is working, and virtually nothing when it is not connected. Our estimates show that if you left Bluetooth on all the time, it would cost you less than $2 per year in electricity. For that kind of price, you might as well keep your battery protected.

What about Windows / Blackberry ?

We’re sorry to fans of Windows Phones and Blackberry, but Pawa won’t be compatible with these brands at first.


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The team

Here is the team behind Pawa. We are 3 telecoms engineers who have been friends for many years. The idea for Pawa came to us after we noticed that with each new phone we bought, the battery life seemed to get shorter. Each of us was affected by this to varying degrees, and we decided to do something about it. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you'd like to discuss the project.

François, CTO


Jean-Bernard, CMO

Jean-Bernard IDZIK

Grégory, CEO